Harold Norri at the Las Vegas Food & Wine Festival

Harold Norris

Executive Chef Harold Norris 

Harold Norris is the Executive Chef at Café Americano. Upon graduating culinary school where he received an associates in culinary arts, Norris went to work for Roy’s Hawaiian fusion in Boca Raton. After a year there honing his skills in fine dining, Norris moved to Las Vegas and began working up the ranks at Mandalay Bay. Norris has worked in multiple hotels on the Las Vegas strip, focusing on bettering the traditional café experience- leading him to his current position at Café Americano.

Norris has relied on his experience in upscale restaurants to help give people a different perspective when they think of a typical restaurant coffeeshop. Learning his way around the kitchen at a young age from his Italian mother and grandmother lead him to keep those roots close and pull on those experiences when creating new dishes. Norris has always believed the fewer the ingredients the better the dish, incorporating simple yet quality elements. Being able to serve someone a dish that they have always eaten but give it to them in a new way has and always will be what drives him.