Executive Chef Mike Booth at Vegas Food & Wine

Executive Chef Mike Booth

Sauced Las Vegas

Sauced Food Philosophy - At Sauced, we strive to bring unique street food to the Vegas masses. Creating and serving delicious small plates that will awaken your taste buds is our passion. Our sauces are hand crafted and specially paired to make each dish uniquely delectable. Come and satisfy your appetite for tantalizing street food.  

Meet the Sauced Boss – Mike Booth I began cooking in fast food restaurants when I was 16, in order make money to fund my personal teenage rebellion. Cooking was a way to make enough money so that I could enjoy myself and save some cash in order to move away from suburban Iowa. When I finally escaped to Colorado, I relied on my cooking experience to get a job as a line cook at a small restaurant/bar. I would have never found my passion for cooking if it weren’t for the head chef who spent his shifts at the bar and left me to run the kitchen. I took pleasure in creating my own recipes and making dishes from scratch. It was the first time that I made food instead of reheating food from prepackaged containers. My eyes were opened to the art of creative cooking. Over the next 8 years, I worked my way up to sous chef and head chef in various restaurants in Steamboat Springs, CO. I moved to Las Vegas to further my culinary career. I fell in love with Las Vegas and it’s dynamic food scene. I decided to open the Sauced truck because I want to add to the street food culture in Sin City. My hope that you love the food as much as I enjoy making it.  

Join us at this one-of-a-kind event which will be held at the legendary Casino and Resort in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. This year's event benefits The James Beard Foundation