Sweet Treats from Sweet House Chef Nilda Arias at the Food & Wine Festival

Executive Pastry Chef Nilda Arias

Sweet House - Chef Nilda Arias

Before the pastry world came knocking on her door Chef Nilda was enjoying a very fun and rewarding career in radio. However her self- proclaimed “Chocoholic” mom is the one who deserves the credit for unknowingly guiding her in the right direction.

Her mom had her own business for a few years making chocolates, caramel apples

and other sweet treats. When the demands of running a business became too much to

do alone she enlisted Nilda’s help and that’s where the love of pastry began. However it was not an instant attraction, as she had to quit her dream radio job to help out. That left her going through the motions and just doing whatever had to be done to make sure her mom’s business was running smoothly and figured she’d go back into radio once it wasn’t so busy. She helped her mom for over 3 years and once that endeavor came to an end she decided not to go back to radio and what once was a chore became a true life passion.

In early 2013 she opened her own cake and candy supply shop called Sweet House. It’s there that she feels in her true element. Helping everyone from the professional to the amateur home baker find the right tools and supplies.

Along with supplies they also offer demos and classes in a variety of topics from basic cake decorating to more advanced techniques.

In this endeavor she’s enlisted the help of some local sugar artists and also international sugar arts masters to come in and teach. Working hard to make it all accessible and easy for the at home bakers and decorators.

She is also trying to make her mark within the Hispanic community by offering cake decorating classes in Spanish. Nilda states that it’s important to her that the language barrier not be the one thing that keeps aspiring cake decorators and future bakery owners from succeeding.

As if all this didn’t keep her busy, she also offers custom made cakes and treats plus she works full time as a decorator at Rolling In Dough Bakery Leopold’s Cakery in Summerlin. Chef Nilda also is collaborating with Chef Jennifer Ronca of Dolci Deliziosi. “She loves to bake and I love to decorate so together we make a perfect team!” says Arias.

A busy schedule indeed but Nilda says that she truly can't imagine doing anything else and that having found her true passion makes all the hard work and sacrifice worth it.  www.sweethouselv.com

Family owned and operated flavors will be making their appearance on the pool deck of Resort where Sweet House Cakes and Candy will be bringing enough goodies for everyone’s sweet tooth.

Among the sweet assortment of treats, Chef Nilda Arias will be bringing a variety of mini-cupcakes and chocolate dipped fortune cookies.

“We’re still deciding on all the flavors but, we’re going to do a tropical cupcake that’s got guava filling and a chocolate cupcake that has Mexican chocolate and is filled with dulce de leche,” Arias said. “I know for me, when I go to food events I can never choose and I want to try everything so we’ll be bringing enough for everyone to try everything we bring.”


Sweet treats aren’t the only thing that will be covering the tables at the Sweet House booth however, mixed among the cupcakes and cookies Arias will be bringing display cakes and cake decorating products and inventory binders of products that she features in the retail portion of her business.

“Business-wise we’re trying to get more involved in the community, especially since we are going to have our new location in October where we will have classes and products for sale as well as custom orders,” Arias said. “It’s important to me to get the word out that we don’t just bake but we also sell a huge variety of the products for decorating and offer classes to those who want to learn.”


Join us at this one-of-a-kind event which will be held at the legendary Casino and Resort in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. This year's event benefits The James Beard Foundation